An American Conversation [news]

01/07/10 | Comments: 0 |

----Why I am so quiet.----

What do you think about welfare?

I think these people are just having kids for the check from the state or they are just too stupid to know what causes pregnancy.

Well, if you believe that then you must be in favor of abortion to keep these stupid people from having unwanted kids.

Absolutely not, human life is precious and must be protected by federal law.

Well, if you believe that then you must believe that all (...)

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China Buffet in East End Arkansas [news]

10/08/09 | Comments: 0 |

The China Buffet in East End is now open! We have such a limited selection of restaurants in this end of Saline County this should be good news.

We dined at the China Buffet on Thursday Oct 8th 2009 for lunch. The appearance of the restaurant was clean and orderly, the fruit at the buffet was fresh. That is where the good news ends.

I had the Broccoli Beef with Fried Rice. The Fried Rice was bland and undercooked, and the beef. The beef was unidentifiable as beef (...)

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Chill Out Doc! [news]

10/03/09 | Comments: 0 |

Take a chill pill boss!

By most accounts Dr John Duckett is a pretty strict boss with a fairly short temper. Appearantly 24 year old Erin Kelly, the Doctors cage cleaner thought so. Kelly worked at Reynolds Road Animal Clinic in Bryant, Arkansas and felt her boss, veterinarian John Duckett, (...)

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Cheatin Fail [news]

10/02/09 | Comments: 0 |

Recent fail news from Sardis Arkansas:

A resident of Sardis, lets call him Bob, recently went on a drinking/drugging benge at one of the local bars. Bob was working for his father in law as a unlicensed exterminator and had purchased a new truck. While celebrating his good fortune and letting off steam for the day he thought it would be cut to place a call from one side of the bar across to the other side of the bar to his girl friend.

As expected a women answered (...)

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