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Diamonds in Arkansas and Mid-America Prospecting

Owned by my good friend Glenn and Cindy Worthington is your one source for imformation on finding, mining or Diamonds in Arkansas DVD and Bookpurchasing diamonds found right here in The Natural State. Glenn worte the book on diamond prospecting and was nice enough to teach my wife and I many secrets and techniques. Visit his website for more information, instructional videos, books and the real macoy- uncut diamonds. I have the book on my coffee table at home, you will find mining techniques and the most complete history available on the Crater Of Diamonds area within its pages. This new book is soft covered and has 182 pages in an 8 ½ X 11 inch format.  It uses 193 photographs, maps and charts to help tell this story.  These include 32 pages of color photographs showing these USA diamonds in their natural, uncut forms.  The author found his first ten diamonds in Arkansas during the summer of 1978.  In 2003, Glenn W. Worthington published his first book about diamonds in Arkansas.  Four years later he revised, expanded and updated his book that explains the history and some of the geological science pertaining to these USA diamonds.  In June of 2009 he released the third edition of "Genuine Diamonds Found in Arkansas."  In it he details the hundred-plus-year history of diamonds found in Arkansas.  He also shares stories of his personal experiences and those of his fellow diamond miners. Please visit today.

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